Incense products are fast selling and give you high profit margins.

Here at Asoke Home Products we have established the largest range of fast selling Incense brands in the world. Take a look through our product catalog and you may well find a range which perfectly meets your needs. But if that's not enough we will produce packaged incense to your own requirements. Our design studio can create packaging exclusively for you in any style and in any language. < click here to contact us >

"Only Asoke Home Products understands your
incense needs so well"
Need product samples? easy and secure shopping system enables anybody to purchase product samples for testing our amazing incense. < click here to purchase samples >

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Asoke's best selling brand: Spice Island - a "must have" brand of incense - it sells strongly in every market - the results of extensive market research - appeals to all market segments. The strong colorful images lead to impulse purchase - brand loyalty will naturally more< click here >


Customize your product lines with Aromazone incense... Choose from 132 different fragrances and customize your incense for more effective sales...

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New fragrances now available in the Kudos line!
"Fresh new fragrances, packaged for optimum market advantage...In recognition of the international incense market's highly favorable response to kudos' first 6 fragrances, Balarama releases and additional six new fragrances" more < click here >

Did you know?
  • That Asoke's incense packs have been printed with text in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
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  • That you can customize you own incense by simply contacting John Edmundson <>
  • That Asoke has over 100 different incense fragrances available! < click here for details >
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For more information please contact Sales Support
in our sales and marketing office.



For more information please contact Sales Support
in our sales and marketing office.
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